Nature Photography

Sunset by the Sea in Lauderdale by the Sea

The sheer calmness of these waves bring a relaxed state of being. When I take a moment to see the sunset in Lauderdale by the Sea, I realize how important it is to take a breather and relax. As the colors change minute by minute, you will be amazed from the various red tones in the sky. I would advise any artist to keep an eye on this area for inspiration. Most of Lauderdale by the Sea has a soothing, calm quality, where the atmosphere will not dampen a creative person’s mood. It is extremely important to be able to create AND work on being healthy at the same time. When you look at the picture, imagine this place releasing all your worries and stresses away. Close your eyes once the image is inside your head. Then, open your eyes and bring this beauty to whatever you do.

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