Sushi Yasaka – The Place To Go For Great Sushi in NYC

Sushi Yasaka – The place to go for great sushi in NYC.

Upon recommendation of my friend, Meina Xu, I tried the most amazing sushi in New York City. Sushi Yasaka is the place to go for great Sushi in NYC. (Click to Tweet). Sushi is my favorite food and I can eat it everyday. My favorite Sushi rolls are shrimp tempura, salmon and avocado, eel and cucumber, and many more.

Having gone to over a hundred sushi places throughout my lifetime, my favorite restaurant was Monster Sushi that was on 23rd Street. They have recently closed that location, which is a very sad occurrence, moving to New Jersey. Their greatness was the size of these rolls. But Sushi Yasaka’s strength lies in their savory taste and an exquisite petite portion.

You would think, why is having a petite size a good thing? Well, because there is not much rice and way more fish on their rolls. You don’t want to eat a roll that drops on your plate while you’re trying to catch it. Sushi has to be high level experience. A kind of meal that you want to have before or after going to the theatre or a museum. An important way to see a cultural array of colors and shapes would be going to Sushi Yasaka.

Amazingly enough, their lunch special is priced insanely great. You get salad AND miso soup, with three Sushi rolls for only $12.00. I cannot explain enough how inexpensive this is for such a masterpiece. The food will fill you up but is not heavy by any means. It is not a pleasant feeling to eat something wonderful and then feel heavy. Definitely make a reservation during lunch special, because every time I have visited Sushi Yasaka it is always packed…and for good reason.

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