My Local T-Mobile

My local T-Mobile.

Entering my local T-Mobile store on 1737 Chestnut St. is always a treat. The wonderful staff make me feel at home, discussing the latest gadgets and information on new deals done by T-Mobile and other phone companies. People like Tanesha, Yousef, Dan, and other members explain everything through and through, always double (sometimes triple) checking information before giving it. I love this kind of perspective and way of doing business. I want to be well informed before making a decision. Even if the deal does not fit me, and I do not make a purchase at the given moment, the wonderful workers never give me an attitude that they “wasted” their time. This is what I call making great choices in finding the right representatives for your brand.

I have used T-Mobile’s service for a while now, and it has been a joy since I moved from AT&T. Disrupters always make me feel good when there is something to change in an industry. Of course nobody wants change when things are good, but the phone industry was getting out of hand. T-Mobile, especially John Legere, stepped up their game and made their service way better than it was before. Originally, I had T-Mobile as my phone service. It was really poor, consistently dropping calls, making it hard to hear, and horrific customer service. This is why I moved to AT&T. AT&T’s service was good, but their prices were slowly starting to get ridiculous. Hence, T-Mobile climbed a huge mountain to review their missteps, and I have to say just in time.

Once they figured out how to balance making money with elevating their game, T-Mobile has become the go to standard in the phone service business. Hiring an incredible staff to better explain the current trends in cell phones, and the companies’ deals, are crucial in getting more results. It is sad when on a grander scale (businesses) and on a smaller scale (person) a feeling of accomplishment sets in. Lacking the urge to innovate and feeling all righteous is a sure way to fall back and lose everything and everyone around you. This is the key to great business and also in self progression. Especially if no one is looking, continue working on yourself to make yourself better. It is not always about opinion, but it is always about making things better. Opinions and trends change every moment someone Tweets something. If you are true to your brand, and in the process elevate yourself and others, then there will not be any obstacles. T-Mobile, keep progressing and achieve wonderful things.

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  1. Ann

    June 18, 2017 at 2:27 pm

    I had the same problems with T-Mobile couple of years back, I am glad to hear that they got better.

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