Target Trying To Find Employees For Holiday Season

Target trying to find employees for holiday season.

On Wednesday, September 13th, Target Corp said that they are trying to find employees for holiday season. It would hire 100,000 workers, which prompted their stock to go up over 3%. While other retailers are scrambling to cut costs, Target is showing signs of a speedy recovery. Amazon has been obliterating companies like Macy’s, showing complete dominance in the online business world. Having Target boosting their hiring program gives hope to retail businesses.

Looking to find employees “will make shopping at Target even easier and more fun during one of the busiest times of the year.” said Janna Potts, Target’s chief stores officer.

Target is one of the first retailers to announce their plans for this holiday season. Hopefully for their sake, being able to find employees will bring them a more comfortable and profitable experience.

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