The Best Casino For Comps

The best casino for comps.

The best casino for comps is definitely at the Golden Nugget in Atlantic City, NJ. Everytime I go there to play Blackjack or electronic poker, my comps rise rather easily. Don’t forget that these comps can be used for food, retail stores, and other fun goodies. By playing at the best casino for quick results, you will get free nights at a luxury-style hotel. As of now, the online casino sites are getting very popular. Playing at home, though, makes it more difficult to want to leave the nest and rest at their hotel room.

The best way to play games at a casino is to focus on getting comps for free rooms. Of course it would be wonderful to win every time you play. But, this would be rather unrealistic if you want to have a casino to go to. This is why I like to play for comps. What does this mean? Try to let time pass with every play and don’t try to focus on winning money. Understand that you need to play more to get more points. Casino online sites will bring points for every play. But, I am more interested in having an interaction with the dealer giving me cards.

I like to bet $1 per hand on a $5 electronic poker machine. My favorite is Stud Poker or Pick-A-Pair. My goal is to keep playing a lot. Do not try to “win” money, otherwise you will never really know when to stop. The goal is to receive comps at the best casino possible. Don’t forget, they have a nice buffet. Receiving this for free has a nice effect on your mental state.

If you will play with $100, then try to hover around the $80-$120 area for a long while. If you lose $20, don’t stress. Your complimentary nights stay at the Golden Nugget would cost you way more than $20. If you win anything above $20, then my recommendation would be taken it and go. You can use that money or try to save it for later.

Whatever you do, please be responsible when gambling. Know that the best casino for quick comps is at the Golden Nugget.

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