The Frustrating World of Blogging

The Frustrating World of Blogging.

For several months now, my wife and I spend many hours writing articles, creating videos, and sharing them on various social media outlets. We watch videos on YouTube by so-called gurus in our field to learn how they manage to get their content to the public. After sifting through numerous videos, the only feelings I get after watching them is frustration or disappointment. The frustrating world of blogging.

I am a person who works hard in being morally correct. In blogging, there are many different paths that one can take to be cheap inside. One of them is giving false advertising. As an example, we have clicked on certain headlines on a blog or video caption on YouTube only to be click baited into a completely different content subject. They are doing this to get clicks on their material to receive money. There are two sides to this situation. 1. Giving us false information is a bad thing. Posting a video telling us we can make a certain amount of money by blogging and then not giving any valuable content to make this happen is upsetting. 2. If people truly understood the money bloggers make by them clicking on an advertisement or purchasing products from the affiliate links, these content creators would not need to click bate.

I blog to give thanks to the people and places that have given me happiness throughout my life. For that reason and believing it is wrong to write a misleading headline for you to click on, I will never stoop to the level of making money. When I write, it is to share with anyone interested my thoughts and knowledge about a particular subject. I have read so many wonderful fans write to me how grateful they are for my articles. It is such a great feeling to know that in some way these articles positively affect someone’s life.

There are ways to earn a living as a blogger. As an example, Google AdSense comes to mind. You see, I pay for my website to create content and make it easier for others to find these articles or recordings. I choose Google AdSense to share their ads on my website. Everytime anyone clicks on these banners, I receive some money. The amount I receive can range from $0.01 to about $2.00, with the potential of more than $10.00 per each click. When a person clicks on these ads, they are not purchasing anything. They are invited to a site that an advertiser paid for. I believe that only if a person finds something interesting in that ad should they click on it.

The next way for someone to earn something is by way of Amazon Affiliate. We all purchase from Amazon. By purchasing a product from Amazon through the blogger, you are giving that blogger a commission for introducing you to the product. You will not be charged extra for doing this. You will not give any vital information to the blogger for purchasing something through their Amazon Affiliate link. What you will give is a chance for someone to get paid for creating something valueable. The kindness by a writer, who opened a reader’s mind, would be met with kindness from the purchaser, who in turn made it possible for a blogger to get monetary compensation. Again, do not purchase anything you do not wish. When you do want to buy something on Amazon, try to do this through a blogger, because they will receive 4-10 percent from Amazon on commissions without any financial harm to you.

Bloggers do not get paid for writing their articles unless they are a part of an organization. Most bloggers are not employed by anyone and make their money through the means I mentioned earlier. Some writers guess post on other blogger websites for free. They do this to garner new eyes for their blog. Some of us write to help someone and try to make a living from this. Others in this profession focus on making money through bait and switch methods. As we see on those videos, their views are tremendous. Having a lot of views on YouTube or a blog potentially brings a lot of profit. I believe it is morally unacceptable to falsely advertise a product or service, but it is not pleasant when you find out someone viewed a product on Amazon due to your article and bought that product not through your affiliate link.

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Remember, we all need to earn a living. Being able to write an article and help people is a wonderful thing. Ending up homeless due to the care for others is not. Where it is possible, help a blogger by commenting on their blog post, share it with others, clicking on ads that interest you, and buying Amazon products through affiliate links. They will be able to financially survive while helping others and morally be someone to look up to.

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