The Garden of Saint-Paul Hospital by Van Gogh

The Garden of Saint-Paul Hospital.

The spark within Vincent Van Gogh’s The Garden of Saint-Paul Hospital painted in 1889 truly shows how inspired he could be in any given situation. The idea of being misunderstood can lead to depression for many of us. One of his many ways of dealing with this problem? Bring your beauty out to the world through means that gives beauty to others. While Van Gogh’s brother was one of the few people who truly cared for him, why wouldn’t Vincent be inspired by something that only brings positive emotions to a human being? This way of getting out of a depression brought by others can be an inspiration to us all.

There are many people that fight depressions by bringing more depression to the world. They thrive on harboring pain inside and then releasing this to the world. I do not particularly like this kind of method, because a) it is bringing pain to others and b) it is the most simple way of getting “inspired”. A person can easily think up a million reasons to not like their situation or life in general. The truly strong creators in any field find a way to elevate their sadness and bring beauty to the world. There are moments when one person will have to share a certain destructive moment to emphasize the ugliness of this world. These kinds of occasions should be few and not the dominant part of a work. We all have enough pain already. Again, Van Gogh’s way of dealing with this situation in The Garden of Saint-Paul Hospital? A fire of beauty, vivality, and expression that nature just does not have a lot of the times.

It is this extra emphasis that Van Gogh sees sets him apart from us all. We hear sometimes people ask how did Van Gogh achieve popularity after his life by being only a self taught painter? He learned from by observing the world and absorbing all of its potential beauty. Vincent Van Gogh found a garden that made him express magic. His ability to set seemingly vibrant colors into something that that pales in comparison to other colors is truly remarkable. The red color seems to pale in comparison to the green and yellow. This is where harmony sets in. If you can make a loud part not stand out with others, you have truly achieved greatness in any form. An example can be when a pianist performs less loudly on the higher keys, because the sound stands out more than the other parts of a piano. My dad always used to teach about the importance of keeping everything in harmony. Can you tell that Van Gogh achieve this through this painting?

Elegant, exquisite beauty with which Van Gogh could create this masterpiece shows us how important it is to never take anything for granted. His view point on nature shows this delicate care for something that people pass by too often enough. It is this amazing display that reminds me of actor John Hurt’s pillow scene in the end of The Elephant Man. It is exactly those kinds of examples that bring out inspiration to others in different mediums. John Hurt also was this kind of person who lived in the world and understood what to share with others. Those who notice are really lucky, for they will never pass someone’s inner beauty by. The Garden of Saint-Paul Hospital is a perfect example of how a person can enhance a given view. People can create an infinite amount of work throughout their lives. Because the world has an unlimited amount of things to get inspired from, create at will dear friends. Your eye, hand, and heart means something to the world.

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