The Incredible Talent of Eugene Berman

The Incredible Talent of Eugene Berman.

My wife and I recently went to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. When going to a museum, it is always for a specific artist (or piece). For this visit, I wanted to see Marc Chagall. Luckily, there were two of his pieces (The Grandfathers & The Musician) which were magnificent.

While walking and trying to bypass as many paintings I could, at one moment I stopped and could not move any longer. Every painting has its own energy and life, which is why if I had the chance all the paintings would have their own room. This way, a visitor would be able to completely immerse themselves in the artist’s vision. That is the reason why I bypass paintings that I did not come there for.

There are moments in life that make you forget about everything in the world, because you made a connection with a specific work of art (of any kind from music all the way to sports). There are a few artists that bring this kind of emotion in me, Chagall being one of them. But one painting I stopped for was not a Chagall piece.

What really made a huge impression on me was the work of Eugene Berman named “View in Perspective of a Perfect Sunset”. Composed in 1941, I, sadly, never heard of this incredible artist before visiting the Philadelphia Museum of Art. This composition filled so many emotional feelings, the loneliness, the hope, the dread that must have been in his heart during the war.

As time passed, I have really tried to delve into the work of Eugene Berman and his life. In addition to going online, I have recently purchased a book named “High Drama: Eugene Berman and the Legacy of the Melancholic Sublime” by Michael Duncan. I am so excited to read more about this incredible person and hope you will too.

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