Iosif Andriasov

The Inspiring String Quartet

The Inspiring String Quartet.

Iosif Andriasov‘s String Quartet, Op. 1 was written in 1954 at the age of 21.

To write something so beautiful and positive at such an early age is quite shocking. The shocking aspect for me is not only the age my father wrote this incredible composition, but considering as a child he went through WWII and his father passed away in his teens, the sheer love he shared to people through this piece is what amazes me.

How strong of a personality he must have had to endure such heartaches and to create something so hopeful, with a touch of inner sadness for the struggles of others. I always believe that a composer writes in such a manner that displays to others who they really are. A composer cannot really “fake” their way out of their true feelings.

As an example, my dad used to say that Wolfgang Mozart (even on the fast and “happy” parts of his music), if played slowly, will show how sad he must have been in certain situations in life. It is up to the audience to try to understand what trials and tribulations a composer shares at the moment of creation (and reworking the material after). The greatness of Armenian folk music is that a tune can be so jovial and full of life, but then you notice that the music is usually in a minor key, showing us the hardships of a nation.

What truly makes my dad’s String Quartet incredible is that he unites all the feelings of youth (1st movement), the hard times (2nd movement), and being an unwavering solid human being at this early age (3rd movement) into one composition. This inner talent and strength will bring us more compositions that show us how to love, feel compassion, and help others through the hard aspects of life.

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