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The Life of a Creator

The life of a creator.

To better understand my various ideas such as sharing Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings with Iosif Andriasov’s music, one would have to see my vision. This is the life of a Creator. To know my vision, it is then valuable to read my works. Inside my literary essays, you can learn important wide-ranged lessons on how to be as a person. When I look at creativity, anything goes. I will combine as many features of beauty inside one medium. A sort of Unification of Beauty.

My theory is as such: in today’s world, where the banal meets ugliness, it is time to truly preserve beauty and intellect. It might not get the most popular “hits” like so many thrive for. But, in the end, those “hidden” gems to many will flourish once that society is not here anymore. To think that Vincent Van Gogh sold only one painting during a lifetime is beyond belief to this generation. But, we are not so far off with people that value today’s miniscule, talentless showoffs, instead of those who truly bring value in a society.

Marketing is the root of all evil. If something sells due to the mediocrity of the public, then why not sit on that for at least a month and make some money, right? Take, Iosif Andriasov’s music, for instance. It’s popularity got a rebirth several years ago after a lot of work done by his wife/widow and son. About 15 years worth of constant work. Once this work took a little breather, again, a stagnant void has filled the earth.

When I listen to Iosif Andriasov’s music, I cannot understand humanity, who loves his music when they listen to it, but do nothing to let it shine. As if they think that this music will be performed on its own. After some long deliberation, I have chosen not to give anything for free to people anymore. They do not deserve anymore freebies. What they deserve is their own mundane life, if they so choose. You can’t feed fancy French cuisine to those that eat burgers and French fries.

Van Gogh was completely misunderstood and definitely underappreciated during his lifetime. His beauty completely passed several generations. It is this world and their people that love to receive everything for free. Instead of helping those who struggle, they wait and “like” a post, in modern times. This is not enough. A conversation is necessary. A comment here or there is valuable to a creator. Some kind of message that shows life on the other side.

I created this blog to thank those who have made this world liveable and helped me along the way. Those people include my dad, Van Gogh, restaurants I loved, and other subjects. If people of today read anything on my blog then that is good for them as well. They get to learn about Chagall, Berman, and many others that they did not know about. I am a grateful person that does not pass by those who helped me. Don’t be those type of people who passed Van Gogh and Iosif Andriasov by. And not for my sake. Do it to be a better person.

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