The Logan Hotel in Philadelphia

Located on 1 Logan Square, in Philadelphia, The Logan Hotel is where you want to be. When you enter the wonderful Logan Hotel, there is a true feeling of space combined with a cosy atmosphere. This is an important quality to have in any setting. If you have a heavy arranged area, then automatically a feeling of confinement sets in. Once that occurs, naturally, a person will not be around there in the future. At The Logan, nothing feels out of place. The furniture chosen is top notch and is placed in such a way that soothes my eyes. Decor = Tre Chic.

Although I very rarely drink alcohol, the bar is beautifully arranged. A true, classy feel reminds me of an old time in the 20’s. I could see F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby having a scene in such a setting. I love how everything is placed so immaculately and thought out. The choice of colors and lighting has to be beautiful to make a bar appealing for me. They have truly done a wonderful job.

The outdoor space is very beautiful and spacious as well. Last year, I worked on the computer for many hours, with the water fountain soothing my head. It was really nice to sit and focus on ideas concerning my father’s music. A good way to have a clear and good idea is to have an area that is not cluttered with things and loud noise. The tender water drops enhance a feel of rest, which in turn makes me focus much better.

Having an amazing roof top bar would be too much to ask, right? Wrong! The Logan Hotel’s Assembly has a beautiful view from the 9th floor. With its vibe being chilled and also relaxing, you can go on a first date to ease the tension and enjoy talking about the scenery around. Though, I would advise you to prepare yourself beforehand by going to The Philadelphia Arts Museum. This way, you can impress your potential love interest with your knowledge in the Arts.

I highly recommend this wonderful place for any purpose. You will not be disappointed.

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