My first article about TV sitcoms was Sanford and Son. Originally, I wanted to write a top 10 post of my favorites. Because there are so many great TV shows in the United States alone, I could not fit all the information in one long post. So, after writing about Three’s Company, I would like to write about The Office, because of their talent. If you would like to watch an incredibly hilarious show, then The Office (2005-2013) will definitely fill a void in your life. Definitely watch The Office Show Online on Netflix. This show has a strong cast that “performs” brilliantly.

I have always loved Steve Carell, but his wonderfully excitable and energetic portrayal of Michael Scott has to be one of the most goofiest characters of all-time. The funny thing is Michael has a wacky side that we all know of, but he also has the potential of being an incredibly sweet and kind person as well. What is also great about his personality is that he will do things quietly, without anyone noticing. For instance, how Michael was the only one who came to Pam’s art showing. He might be laughed at a lot amongst the group, but it is because everyone notices his faux pas and not his amazing gestures. Michael Scott, also, is not worried about looking stupid or vulnerable. That is an awesome quality to have. You become much more free in life to express exactly how you are and how you feel.

When you want to see an incredibly sweet person, look no further than Pam Beasley, played perfectly by Jenna Fischer. She is the person that most look past as being pretty, but not Jim Halpert (John Krasinski), as he definitely does not miss out on such a magical person. Pam is always ready to help everyone, going way beyond what most people do for others. I always loved her character and am really lucky to have married someone who exudes the same example of kindness towards others. John Krasinski does a great job being aloof most of the time, except when he is pranking Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson). Those moments have to be one of the most funniest in this series. Those two have an incredible chemistry and their tandem, in my opinion, is the strongest as actors/actresses go.

A wonderful mix of characters that blend together so well makes this show truly a masterpiece. I cannot imagine working with these performers, because I would be laughing instead of delivering my lines correctly. I really would hope that they improvise more than stick to a script. Otherwise, I would definitely be fired.

I highly recommend watching The Office Show Online, because I promise you that this will be one of your favorites of all-time.

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  1. Chica94

    June 7, 2017 at 5:50 pm

    I love this show, you would not believe me if I tell you how much I disliked this show at first but LUCKILY, my husband kept insisting about it and here I am LOVING IT!!!. You are so right, they do have a wonderful chemistry. Thank you for the remainder, great article!

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