The Partner

The Partner.

I love The Profit. It is a tv show that follows businessman Marcus Lemonis and his investments/non-investments in what he calls “People, Process, and Product”. His handling of situations and straightforward honesty really made me so happy in this world filled with liars and thieves that eventually get to the show American Greed.

Mr. Lemonis has had to deal with a lot of either shady, eccentric, or misguided characters. Watching him explain and guide business owners really gave me hope that not all is lost in modern times. His character is kind yet strong. He definitely wants to see a profit don’t get me wrong. But Marcus’s capitalism is not ruthless. It is filled with understanding and truly caring.

So when I heard that he will be choosing The Partner to help him with his investments, I was totally excited about it. A person like that needs help for sure because there are so many companies Mr. Lemonis signed deals with.

The problem with The Partner is that for all the fans who love this show I am quite surprised that these were the best contestants. None of them seem to handle pressure well and the knowledge about being truthful when asked seemed to elude them. Why would anyone of them want to be fake to become The Partner? Marcus does not want this. He is truly a smart entrepreneur and anyone trying to pull one fast him will be met with failure.

There was not much to learn in this show. No one showed great character. Everyone was either cold, yes-people, or just plain dull “personalities”. None of the contestants really made a good impression because of their lack of charisma. Their knowledge of basic things also shocked me. It saddened me that Marcus Lemonis needed to “dumb down” a bit to “teach” severely easy information. His level was not untilized in this show and hopefully things will change in the future.

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