The Unique Tenderness of Niko Pirosmani

The Unique Tenderness of Niko Pirosmani.

(Niko Pirosmani Self Portrait)

The artist Niko Pirosmani was brought to my attention when I was a teenager by my father. Iosif Andriasov’s genuine love for Mr. Pirosmani’s works inspired him to write the first movement of the Concertino for Clarinet and Symphony Orchestra. As I grew older, I could definitely see the correlation between the first movement and Niko Pirosmani’s artwork. Both are refined, depicting a dark-toned beauty, with a glimmer of hopeful joy. 

Niko Pirosmani was born in the republic of Georgia, 1862. Sadly, like most incredible people, his prominence rose after his death, which was in 1918. Pirosmani taught himself how to paint. He was financially poor throughout his life, willing to take any job to support himself. He passed away due to malnutrition.

The Unique Tenderness of Niko Pirosmani

The tenderness and refined shapes created by Mr. Pirosmani in The Donkey Bridge are unique. Reminding me of Chagall’s attitude towards using a canvas filled with activities, this painting astonishes me by its subtleties. You see the bear on the lower left corner acting like he is sleepwalking, but the donkey, ever so slightly, looks driven to making up that hill. The group of people sitting on the table (upper right side) are gleaming with joy, while on the left, those sitting are more calm. Both sides include a dancer, but generate a different brand of emotion. Probably the one on the left is getting tipped better than the one of the right.

The Family of Deer

The Family of Deer is also an astonishing work of pure sensitivity. The parent stoically views at the children drinking enough water. How soft and tender these kids are. It is so beautiful to see how Mr. Pirosmani shows this family. How much he must have relished for this kind of family to exist. For creative people, many times it is the unseen that they try to replicate inside their hopes and dreams. What a beautiful picture Pirosmani left us.

Please take the time to view Niko Pirosmani’s artwork through Google search. It is a fine lesson in exquisiteness. Read about the wonderful Marc Chagall’s The Blue Circus. Such a beautiful painting as well.

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