Things to Do in New York City: U.S. Open

Things to do in New York City: U.S. Open.

Located in Queens, NY, The U.S. Open tournament usually begins in the last Monday of August and runs for two weeks into September. The nature is incredible outside and inside the complex. It feels as if you were transported to a different universe. I always feel as if I paid to watch some good tennis and to go to a botanical garden at the same time. It is quite an amazing balance between the serenity of the greens and the energy you get from watching a player’s raw and pure emotion.

There are 22 hardcore surface courts, where you will see men’s, women’s, doubles, and mixed doubles matches. The main court in this tournament is Arthur Ashe Stadium.

Due to the fact that New York City gets hot and muggy during this tournament, it is highly imperative to drink lots of water. The brand of water sold at concession stands is Evian, which is my favorite. But, it will cost you quite a bit of moola to keep hydrated, potentially spending $12. In the end though, a person can pass out due to heat or even worse. So, in other words, drink lots of water no matter the price!

If you are a tennis fan that does not want to shell out thousands of dollars for a final, I always purchase the US Open Grounds Admission. I love to go to either the third or fourth round. To me, the price of these tickets are my favorite. You can buy a pass for about $60 bucks and watch matches from 11am until 6pm or later if they go deeper. During these rounds, on the “lesser” courts, you will get to see a very good match between a #5th ranked player against someone who is ranked around the #20’s. These kinds of battles last longer and are usually thrilling and more even than watching a #1 against a qualifier.

Whichever ticket you would like to purchase, it is definitely a place to visit at least once during a lifetime. You will feel reinvigorated and have inspiration to do the best job you can.

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