Top 10 Places to Visit in Philadelphia: 2. Frankford Hall

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Top 10 places to visit in Philadelphia: 2. Frankford Hall.

Located on 1210 Frankford Avenue, Frankford Hall is definitely a place to visit for various reasons. For starters, the big communal seating outdoors and indoors really makes you feel warm and comfortable. This is what I love about their place: lots of space. Having two ping pong tables, a foosball table, and many board games, I seen parents and their kids play ping pong, which makes it a place where the whole family can have some fun together.

Being a beer garden, there are plenty of choices when beer is concerned. I personally love their blonde ale beers. Reasonably priced, you can choose from .5 liters to a whole liter, which is definitely enough. What would a place be with beer but no food? Like a honeymoon without the bride. You have your appetizers like their Bavarian Pretzels, Potato Pancakes, and other goodies. I personally almost always go for their Bratwurst. The awesome part of it all is that they have a happy hour on Tuesday’s until Friday’s from 4PM-7PM. The Bratwurst costs $3.50. What more can you ask?

Overall, I would definitely hang out at Frankford Hall if I am visiting the Fishtown neighborhood. This area is really cool and trendy, so do not miss out on the action.

Disclaimer: This is not a Top 10 competition, but the Top 10 places to visit in Philadelphia.

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