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Two Main Attributes to a True Friendship

Two main attributes to a true friendship.

Friendship comprises many different attributes, but the two most important ones that make a friendship true, in my opinion, are Respect & Gratefulness.

Respect can be shown in many ways. For instance, a person could ask the friend to not impede on their time. Once that is asked, the real friend will always understand and give them the space they need. A person’s life is a short period of time and when asked to focus on an important to them task, the friend must abide every time.

Gratefulness is an incredible gift that very few truly have. It is a fleeting inner feeling which always has to be worked upon and noticed. Because life passes people by, they forget about the moments that brought them happiness.

I will include as an example when two people go on a date and one person pays. No matter if the date did not go so well, the person should never take the other for granted, because that person could have saved for something they needed for themselves. But instead, spent that money on you.

Friendship will be real when you see Respect & Gratefulness. The rest is not friendship, but acquaintances that only are “friendly” because they are in the same area.

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