Verts – One of the Best Lunch Restaurants in Philadelphia

Verts – One of the Best Lunch Restaurants in Philadelphia.

Having gone to Verts Mediterranean Grill multiple times with my wife, I can wholeheartedly recommend this place as one of the Best Lunch Restaurants in Philadelphia.

Located on 1601 Market St., Verts opened their doors on March 10th, 2017. The counter-serve chain from Austin, Texas, has a potential to be a mainstay in this neighborhood. A usual experience at Verts will be to stand on a line and then pick out which foods you’re in the mood for. The staff has been really kind and develop a bond that we do not forget. A wonderful choice done by the hiring department. Our usual choice is a side of chicken and pickled onions. Both extremely delicious, the price is unbeatable for this neighborhood. For two dollars, we are always happy with our choice. Can you imagine paying two dollars at any time of the day?

Many people take the time to stand on line, because Verts is one of the best lunch restaurants in Philadelphia. If you are in the mood for some protein with rice or pita, of course it will cost more than a side of protein. Because my wife and I adhere to a low carb lifestyle, there is never a problem from the staff about our way of eating. A generous portion accompanies our meal. On a rare occasion, in addition to the pickled onions, sometimes we ask for the tomatoes and cucumbers as well.

For those people that work a 9-5 job, eating out can make a person unhealthy. Gaining weight should be the least of your worries. You need to think about eating a blanced meal. Knowing what foods that cause poor health is everyone’s obligation. I know that whenever I eat carbs, my health deteriorates, as I breathe heavily. Not the most optimal way of living. Eating out can bring out bad habits, if you do not notice it. Choice is the one thing that we are lucky to have. Choosing what we eat and not use this as an excuse to become unhealthy is of optimal importance. Add to this, finding an inexpensive place is vital for your financial survival in the future. Combining these two factors, I can confidently choose Verts as one of the best lunch restaurants in Philadelphia.

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