Vincent Van Gogh – A Lane in the Public Garden at Arles

Vincent Van Gogh – A Lane in the Public Garden at Arles.

How magnificent is this lane? One that can make you want to jump in and take a stroll amongst the public. Masterfully, Vincent Van Gogh depicts a normal day at the park. What sets him apart from many great artists is the “simple” becomes sublime. Vibrant colors intertwine into a glorious painting.

Green is not the color one usually associates Vincent Van Gogh with. When I think of his paintings the first color that comes to mind is yellow. But, how incredibly does Mr. Van Gogh treat the green color? This color varies from one segment of the painting to the next. Being able to share his yellow and blue colors just makes the green stand out even more.

There is a lot to say when the energy with which Vincent Van Gogh expresses the bright, fiery outlook deep inside his personality. More often than not, these paintings do not wilt. They are brimming with enthusiasm and sometimes rage. Studying this painting, I must say Van Gogh has energy, but it is more subdued, with tranquil thoughts in my mind.

I must say that Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings are so positive by nature. Van Gogh truly brought beauty to the world and that is why I consider him one of the most wonderful people to have ever lived on this Earth. Check out his fiery Self Portrait of 1889. It will startle you.

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