Watch the Tramcar Please

Watch the tramcar please.

While walking down the boardwalk, I look at the beautiful beach. That serene moment of sheer calm enters my heart… Then, Bam Bam Bam “Watch The Tramcar Please,” “Watch The Tramcar Please,” “Wawawatch The Tram.” Have you ever experienced an annoying thing that after a while brought a smile to your face? This must be that Watch the Tramcar moment we dread upon first arriving to Wildwood, NJ.

Being on the boardwalk at Wildwood brings much cheer to my heart. Ever since I was a teenager, this place has created many great memories. The time I would beg my dad to play Super Chexx Bubble Hockey. This game was a staple during those trips. Sometimes dad would get a bit tired due to all the noise of similar kids like me jumping and begging, as well as the noise of the machines. Such is life for fathers with exuberant family members. Though, he would always oblige in some one on one battle between father and son.

As many years passed, twenty three to be exact, Wildwood has kept its charm. Sharing this place with my wife has been a wonderful experience. The old intertwined with the new. A wild experience indeed. Being able to see places from my childhood like Hot Spot Restaurant, with their wonderful family remembering me, while passing by a Dunkin Donuts brings a wonderful mix of the past and present. Sharing the stories with someone who cares and loves you is very precious to me.

Being able to win a cute stuffed animal together is awesome. As we sifted through the balloons like professionals, carrying our bundle of joy was such a cheerful time. No matter what mood you are in, this place definitely brings it up a notch and makes you forget about all your worries. If the weather gets dreary and rainy, a great place to visit would be Harrah’s in Atlantic City for their pool. Check out Harrah’s Pool is the Place to Swim. It is $10 per person.

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