Which Song Is The Karate Kid Theme Song?

Which song do I consider The Karate Kid Theme Song?

Picture that perfect moment when Ralph Macchio appears on the screen on his bike, while other students are driving their cars. How perfect is that beginning scene? While everything is happening, Cruel Summer by Bananarama makes its appearance. Amazingly enough, the song’s pace is upbeat, while the melody? Sad. It is a perfect way to show a glimpse of what happened through music. To find a song that fits a mood is not always easy in movies. This moment fits The Karate Kid Theme Song.

As Ralph Macchio’s character tries to sift through the area not to get noticed by the hoods who beat him up, you can tell the angst he feels. Wanting to be a regular kid in school, fear makes him move to the other direction not to be caught. A slight move by the camera turns to a sign stating: “Truth – Liberty – Toleration.” Boy, does this sign make a lot of sense for his character.

Then, the soccer scene takes place his where “friends” make a dib at him for getting beat up. The only one who actually cared enough not to make fun of him was Alli, played perfectly by Elizabeth Shue. Very smart how the music dims. This part in the movie does not show a Cruel Summer. He is happy. Then, the karate kid theme song gets louder with the hoodlums. As they concoct a plan to further enslave Ralph Macchio’s character Daniel, an unfair act towards Daniel kicks him out of the team. As Daniel walks alone, Alli sees the pain and further develops feelings for him. The music lowers a bit, but still you can feel his pain.

A brilliant three minute and a half scene. Check out on which place I put Karate Kid in My Top 5 American High School Movies list. Definitely worth the read.

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