Awesome ICED COFFEE Drinks – Ice Aroma

Awesome ICED COFFEE Drinks – Ice Aroma.

New York City has a lot of wonderful cafes. Having an Iced Coffee drink is a must during the summer season. When you are on the upper west side of Manhattan, definitely visit Aroma Espresso Bar. Located on 161 West 72nd Street, Aroma opened their doors in 2006. Featuring a contemporary decor, this Cafe is known for their yummy drinks. One of my favorite iced coffee choices would be their Iced Aroma.

The Iced Aroma is an in-house creation. Trying this frozen blended coffee drink, I got my caffeine and sugar dosage necessary to survive. Usually, I will feel a bit queasy after having such a drink in other places. To my taste, the amount of sugar was appropriate and felt great afterwards. I was fooled by the taste at first, though, thinking that Iced Aroma had coconut. At least I got the mocha part right.

The price is a little bit on the higher side than most cafes. Though based on my satisfaction from trying Iced Aroma, it was definitely worth it. I would rather pay a bit more to have a real tasting iced coffee beverage, instead of paying a dollar less for something that is generic and bland. Skimming on such things will not make you rich in the future, but bring you a bitter and unpleasant feeling now. Live for now, the future is always unpredictable.

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  1. Anonymous

    August 21, 2017 at 10:45 am

    Haha I love how you said that you got fooled by the taste thinking there was coconut, haha but maybe that’s their secret sauce 😉 I love the article! I AM in the mood of that nice iced drink. Yum

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