Music – Arshak Andriasov

Playing the piano since the age of three, Arshak Andriasov was accepted to the Lucy Moses School of Music, studying with Boris Slutzky, who studied with Nadia Reisenberg, who in turn studied with Sergei Rachmaninoff. During that period, Andriasov performed in numerous school recitals and was invited to appear outside the school in special concerts for seniors and service organizations. He has performed concerts at the Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall, Merkin Concert Hall, Steinway Hall, Lang Recital Hall, Paul Hall, and many other venues throughout the United States and Canada.

Arshak started to compose at the age of fourteen, studying with Iosif Andriasov, Daniel Thompson (Lucy Moses School of Music), and Shafer Mahoney (Hunter College). Andriasov’s works have been performed in numerous countries throughout the world, including Austria, Russia, United States, and Japan. His chamber works are regularly premiered by the members of the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra. Arshak is continuing the Moscow Conservatory Composers tradition, stemming from P.I. Tchaikovsky – S.I. Taneev – N.Y. Miaskovsky – E.K. Golubev – I. Andriasov.

List of Compositions

Op. 1 – Seven Preludes for Piano

Op. 2 – Five Romances for Various Voices and Piano

Op. 3 – Piece for Flute and Piano

Op. 4 – First Piano Sonata for Piano

Op. 5 – Second Piano Sonata for Piano

Op. 6 – “Torch, No. 1” for Trumpet, Trombone, Piano and String Orchestra (parts for rent)

Op. 6A – “Torch, No. 1” for Trumpet, Trombone, Piano and String Quintet + parts

Op. 7 – Piece for String Quartet + parts

Op. 8 – ‘Ballet’ for Piano

Op. 8A – ‘Ballet’ for String Quintet + parts

Op. 8B – ‘Ballet’ for Full Orchestra (parts for rent)

Op. 9 – Brass Trio for Piccolo Trumpet, Horn, and Trombone + parts

Op. 10 – Six Romances for Tenor and Piano

Op. 11 – Sonatina for Flute

Op. 11A – Sonatina for Piccolo

Op. 12 – Duet for Oboe & Violin

Op. 13 – Sonata for Viola & Piano

Op. 14 – Suite for String Trio + parts

Op. 16 – 16 Themes in 16 Measures for Clarinet