Healthy Smoothies by Claudia

Healthy smoothies by Claudia.

Claudia Caminero Andriasova ( has created a fun E-book named “5 Healthy Smoothies for a Better You.” In it, Claudia includes original photos, ingredients, a health note, and other vital information. Beautifully designed, I must say every part of this book is done with a positive mindset. In my opinion, the most important reason to do anything on this Earth is to help people. If one lacks this quality, then everything done will not be long-lasting. Claudia Caminero has achieved this crucial feature.

I love all the photos created in this book. They are appealing to the eye, which is a must when creating such a visual book. One of these smoothies looks like a rich dessert. The calorie content would prove otherwise. After you recreate this drink, you might want to even take a picture and tag Claudia on her Instagram account. A little competition between friends :).

An important feature to the creation of this book must be the ingredients, right? You got it! Without them, there is nothing to write about. Claudia stresses the necessity of organic foods. In this case, the need to buy organic fruits and vegetables is essential for a healthier you. I am very happy that she tackled this important subject and hope everyone will be more inclined to gravitate towards organic foods.

When one prepares the ingredients, isn’t it beneficial to know WHY these particular fruits and/or vegetables are being used? Wouldn’t you want to know which vitamins and minerals are targeted for a particular smoothie? These questions are answered in Claudia’s health note section of the book. In all instances, you must gain knowledge when fueling your body. It can empower or ruin your health.

I must say that this E-book brings an esthetic value as well. Her sense of when and how much information to give in a given section is one of the keys to her success as a blogger. This book will help everyone.

5 Smoothies for a Better You

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