Marc Chagall – Saint-Paul de Vance at Sunset

Marc Chagall – Saint-Paul de Vance at Sunset.

I came across this beautiful painting shared on Twitter. Marc Chagall is one of my favorite painters. I have seen a lot of his works. To find out about this painting was surprising enough, but to view it on Twitter? We do live in a modern world.

What beauty and sincere emotion there is in this painting. Created in 1977, I can understand that only a person like Chagall, Iosif Andriasov, and a very few incredible personalities, could have had such an amazing mental capacity to create something so beautiful in a difficult time. These people had inner strength to share such a deep compassion for others, and Marc Chagall definitely displays this quality in Saint-Paul de Vance at Sunset.

The way Mr. Chagall creates a tender horse displaying an innocent love towards the girl is remarkable. Only a person who lived in the world and not within his own selfish ego could notice this clearly. Chagall understood animals due his keen perception, observation, and analysis. Marc Chagall showed us, through this painting, how all of us have the ability to love on the deepest level.

The heart shown right below the center of this painting shows a compassion that is not seen today. Where do you hear compassion as a word being used? I surely don’t. I only see hate and an unwavering flood of emotions streaming the conscientiousness that overwhelm any sort of rational thinking. Bash, instead of contemplate. Anger, instead of objective viewpoint.

This painting shows everything that we are not as a society: compassionate, loving, and caring. Maybe, as a society, we, as a group of people, never had these qualities. Maybe the few that had so much of these wonderful virtues sustained our humanity as a whole. It is solely up to each and every one of us to bring beauty to the world. Otherwise, we talk a good game and only know how to mock, badly deceive, and ruin others.

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