Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins

Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins.

One of my favorite fun movies to watch is Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins. It stars Fred Ward, Joel Grey, Wilford Brimley, and a whole cast of characters. Done in 1985, this movie was one of our staples, whenever we wanted to laugh and enjoy ourselves. The first scene where Fred Ward, who starts out as a cop, fights the hoodlums is a good way to begin. But, what happens to him next is where the really movie starts.

Remo Williams gets “recruited” by a mysterious group protecting the president. Most recruiters would just normally start a conversation with a person. Not this group. They slam his car towards the hudson river and then several people inside the river get him out.

As it later turns out, the group needed to train Remo and pronouncing him dead would make it easier. Of course, Remo isn’t dead. He is just being set up to do a “job” and kill a man named Chiun, wonderfully performed by Joel Grey.

As it turns out, Chiun is a master of Shinanju. This turns ugly for our boy Remo, as he is completely manhandled by an old guy against a young dude with a gun. That scene is truly hilarious.

As time goes by, Chiun is the master who will train Remo. Oh boy, Remo has no clue what he is into. Chiun will be teaching him many tricks of the trade and completely obliterate Remo physically and mentally. But, it is all done for good.

The cast is outstanding, feeding off of each other like as if they played together for 30 years. The script is hilarious in spots that are necessary, with some nice gentle moments to make the film well rounded. This movie has not been hyped a lot, and it is a continuation of the theme of misunderstanding.

I have to say that Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins is a classic in my eyes. I used to watch it with the family and Victor, my father’s violin/viola pupil, and we would have laugh very often. Watch it, and you’ll know why.

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