The Joy of Bob Ross

The Joy of Bob Ross.

Growing up, The Joy of Painting by Bob Ross was a staple in our home. His serene voice and incredible paintings got you inspired to create whatever you wished. Like Bob would say: “We don’t make mistakes. We just have happy accidents.”

Revisiting them more often then not, I find these shows to be so positive in every situation. If you are sad and feel down about the world or your life, then Bob Ross will always cheer you up either with his smile during the “beat the devil out of him” moments or his happy trees and squirrels story.

Not to mention the fact that he makes painting look so fun. Everytime I would catch myself saying in the beginning “well I don’t know if it will work out.” Only to be wrong time and time again after seeing his final work. 

My goodness how beautiful his paintings are and doing them in such a short time is even more amazing. You really do get to understand that he loved potentially helping anyone who would watch his show. How great it is that you can see full episodes still and I definitely recommend you to do this.

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