The Quebec Nordiques Should Get Back Their Hockey Team

The Quebec Nordiques should get back their hockey team.

When the NHL decided to move the Quebec Nordiques to Denver, one of the best rivalries in history of any sport ceased to exist. Whoever remembers the Quebec Nordiques playing against the Montreal Canadiens will immediately say that their battles were on par with the best of them. In other sports, like baseball for instance, an obvious bitter rivalry one would think of is the New York Yankees versus the Boston Red Sox. But, once the puck was dropped (sometimes even before the puck dropped on some instances), I cannot think of any more bloodier battles than the Nords and the Habs.

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Being that these two teams were located on the same province really brought their emotional bitterness to a high level. The Montreal Canadiens were an established team, a history that is only rivaled by the Yankees. The Quebec Nordiques were an up and coming bunch of players that wanted to eat away at the proverbial pie. They drafted well and just needed some great goaltending to win. The Habs usually had incredible players partly due to their history. So much blood was spilled during these heated battles.

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The Quebec Nordiques have incredible fans. They bring signs to other stadiums hoping to get back their wonderful team. I love the bravado with which they show their support. To this day, I cannot imagine how shortsighted the NHL higher-ups were by discontinuing a talented team that would eventually win a Stanley Cup as the Colorado Avalanche the next year Quebec relocated.

Understandably, timing was everything. Nobody knew that the Montreal Canadiens and their franchise goalie Patrick Roy would part ways. If Quebec existed, there was no way in hell that the Habs would trade a future Hall of Famer to their divisional foes. Because Colorado was representing the Western Conference, Montreal (an Eastern Conference team) traded Roy away for basically pine nuts as it turned out. Colorado won the Stanley Cup in their first year as a franchise. How unfair…

I don’t mind having the Avalanche around. Denver deserves an NHL team with their great tradition in College hockey. But, there are definitely several teams I can think of who could relinquish their team and nobody would mind.

Hopefully, I will get to see a correct judgment done by a commissioner that botched up the move to Arizona. He must have learned his lesson with the Winnipeg Jets, right?