Things to Do in New York City: Visit Strand Bookstore

Things to do in New York City: Visit Strand Bookstore.

Strand Bookstore has been in business since 1927. As local book shops have come and gone, due to companies like Borders, then Barnes & Noble, and now Amazon, Strand Bookstore constantly moved forward and reinvented themselves. Having once moved from their original spot on Fourth Avenue, Strand Bookstore is located on 828 Broadway, at the corner of East 12th Street. I remember going to Strand as a teenager, browsing around their sports, philosophy, and music sections. Those were the days.

Strand Bookstore is a definite landmark in New York City. (Click to Tweet)

There are many reasons to love Strand. For starters, it is a family-owned business. Having multiple generations of book lovers being owners of a business really does make a huge difference. Their knowledge and expertise in choosing which books to place in what area is a valuable asset. Their staff, from what I have experienced, have a good work ethic and take their time with customers. This kind of decision-making will keep customers happy.

Once I step inside Strand Bookstore, there is a loving feeling that enters my heart. The aroma of books seem to take me back in time, reminiscing those moments of not having to think about bills and rent. It was wonderful to sift through seemingly limitless amounts of books. New and old books seem to wrap around you, giving a nice big hug.

Visit this incredible store when you get a chance. It is like going to the museum. Whether you bring the family to let them experience a beautiful time in history or want to go alone for peace and quiet, add Strand Bookstore to the list of places to go. After enjoying some book hunting, check out Nespresso Madison Boutique & Café to enjoy a nice late with your book.