Upcoming Classical Concerts in Maine

Upcoming Classical Concerts in Maine.

There will be two upcoming classical concerts in Maine: The 4th Maine Andriasov Music Festival on Friday, August 25th in Surry and The 5th Maine Andriasov Music Festival on Saturday, August 26th in Orono. Music written by Father and Son composers Iosif Andriasov & Arshak Andriasov are to be performed. 

Musicians Anatole Wieck (Professor at UMaine), Victor Romasevich (Member of the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra), Lawrence London (Professor at Ohlone and Merritt Colleges), Dan Barrett (Professor at UMaine), and Arshak Andriasov (Composer & Blogger) take part in this festival that originally began in New York City. 


Iosif AndriasovConcertino for Clarinet and Piano

Iosif AndriasovMeditation for Viola and Piano

Iosif AndriasovMusical Sketch for Viola and Piano

Iosif AndriasovPassacaglia for Trombone and Piano

Iosif AndriasovCantata “To The Mother Earth” for Piano

Arshak AndriasovSonata for Viola and Piano

Arshak Andriasov16 Themes in 16 Measures for Clarinet

Arshak AndriasovBallet for Piano

Arshak Andriasov – Duet for Violin and Trombone

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